It sounds like a fairytale. But the quality of non-destructive testing and inspection services offered by Metlabs Australia Pty Ltd is no fantasy.

The Metlabs story begins with Kris Townend, a gutsy, determined and enthusiastic young West Australian who followed his dream to make industry inspection and testing services safer, smarter, faster and better.

Unquestionable passion drove this Perth-based entrepreneur, who has more than 20 years’ industry experience, to take the bold step of launching his company, Metlabs Australia Pty Ltd, in 2010.

High Quality Services

“The challenge is to achieve the highest quality service for non-destructive testing and evaluation, quickly and safely. This is what Metlabs does and it sets a high benchmark for the industry,” says Kris.

“Of course we offer all the services other companies do – non-destructive testing, mechanical testing, pressure equipment, inspections and failure investigations. But one vital way that marks Metlabs as different from our competition is the way we train our young workers. I strongly believe a company needs to invest in West Australians, in the state of Western Australia and in the future of the non-destructive testing industry.”

Other prime considerations are safety for all workers and efficiency.

Kris adds: “I want every Metlabs customer to have absolute faith in the work we do. Our company delivers specialised, reliable, top end service to everyone we work for, no matter how big or small the job is.

“Customers want hassle-free service. They want a good job, delivered on time and on budget, and I have 100 percent faith that our company can deliver that. We provide non-destructive testing, mechanical testing, pressure equipment inspections and failure investigations on time and on budget.

“In addition, our work is completed to the National Association of Testing Authorities Australia (NATA) or higher standards.”

Non-Destructive Testing Specialists

Kris is confident he can guarantee Metlabs work 100 percent because he spent months hand-picking and building a quality team of experts. His workers specialise in:

  • ultrasonic thickness and weld testing
  • magnetic particle testing
  • dye penetrant testing
  • radiography
  • above ground storage tank inspections (API653)
  • pressure equipment inspections
  • failure investigation
  • metallurgical services

“Every person who works with me at Metlabs takes pride in what they do. I’m proud of them and their work,” Kris says.

Metlabs aim – to deliver failure investigations, non destructive testing, inspections and mechanical testing – in a safer, smarter, faster and better way, has led Kris on a world-wide search to find the very best cutting edge technology.

Armed with state-of-the-art equipment, Metlabs’ expert teams can be mobilised from the company’s Welshpool headquarters, ready to travel anywhere in the State, 24/7, day or night.

With 20 years of industry experience under his belt, working in locations across WA, there’s not much about this industry Kris hasn’t seen first-hand.

“I’ve grown up in this industry so I’ve seen the best and worst of what it offers. That’s why safety is paramount to me, and as a very hands-on owner, I believe the best training is on the job, in the safest and most secure environment possible,” he adds.

Well-Trained Workers

“Working to the highest standard, quickly and safely, should come naturally. Unfortunately, in the past, I think our industry might have lacked the focus to develop young talent. As a result we’ve suffered from a shortage of good, qualified, well-trained workers.

“In the bad old days, like many industries, safety and work standards often took a back seat to making a buck. But times are changing, and to be competitive, companies have to invest in staff now to make sure we have the expert workforce we’ll need in the future. It’s smart business, it makes sense.”

Growing up in an age where technology rules, Metlabs crews understand the need to keep updating their skills, keeping up-to-date with the tools of their trade, keeping pace with world’s best practice.

“When it comes to non-destructive testing, mechanical testing, metallurgical services, failure investigations, dye penetrant testing and pressure equipment inspections, you need to be on top of new and developing technology these days, otherwise you won’t survive.

“It’s a balancing act, though – new technology goes hand in hand with good old fashioned service, listening to what customers need, and developing our workforce.”

Today, Metlabs is furnished with all the latest and best equipment; it’s focused on one-on-one customer care; and provides a safe workplace.

“With my long history in non-destructive testing and the inspection industry, and my expert knowledge in ultrasonics, I hope I can help guide my workers in their careers.

And that’s living the fairytale. “Everyone loves a happy ending – Metlabs can give your company that happily ever after. Guaranteed.”